SIEMENS system integrator for dyehouse and textile finishing automation

System integration is our main business, together with software application development. We always use the best, modern technologies offered in the industrial automation field.

The use of standard products, built for countless industrial uses, offers the guarantee to trust in a company – SIEMENS - which manufactures its products, always and continuously upgrading them with the best technology available. The choice of panels (HMI SIEMENS) for the various types of achine depends on the level of automation complexity required by the machine. The range available covers all applications:  small, medium and large. Each of these systems corresponds to a series of fundamental characteristics that make them simple, flexible and powerful to use.

T.A.T. Srl, with experience in the dye-works and textile finishing sector, has developed a series of standard applications to guide the automatic processes of the machinery for textile refinement.

These applications are provided by us and available as “PowerDyeing” software modules. The “PowerDyeing” software applications are produced and developed by T.A.T.  and created for implementation in the Siemens HMI panels which were chosen to automate machinery for discontinuous dyehouse. A vast range of modules to chose the most suitable both in terms of complexity and number of functions.

Hardware controls (HMI - PLC)

The use of "standard" programmable logic controllers to manage and process machinery signals allows easy availability of the "hardware" parts composing it, anywhere in the world.  “PowerDyeing” ...

Software Application

Software applications for the operational management of discontinuous cycle machinery in dye-works  "PowerDyeing" The use of “hardware” that is secure, powerful and always upgraded ...